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Magazine Cover

We were asked to create a cover illustration for Creative GAGA Magazine, Sept- Oct issue which focuses on all aspects of creative branding. The theme for this edition was “REBRANDING.” We have developed the design for the cover considering the agency which goes through entire process of rebranding. It was about organisational change which can be studied from different perspectives like process, study, approach, decision making, planning, implementing, etc. Our first question, of course, was to showcase all these perspectives to communicate effectively about the rebranding process, we opted for simplicity and concentrated on a retro style design that suggests a fresher yet youthful approach. The result is an amalgamation of various stages of rebranding, agency and people. For cover we went big on retro, conceptual illustrative elements to introduce each feature inside this issue. Our normal palette of fresh colors is freshened up with pop and neon and we relied on the line art illustrations. All of these elements were put into play with modern, catchy, illustration style that acted as the story of the process. In our proposal, the ‘aesthetics’ of rebranding was the central element.

It contains various subjects and becomes an overview on “Rebranding”. This cover invites the eye to travel between brand, agency, work, creating curiosity. Simple and colourful work perfectly matches with our vision of the issue. Doodle, retro style of illustration allows us to step aside from the common execution, and to offer a fresh, colourful and detail story of the rebranding process.

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