Gift For Diwali

As social work, we thought to provide something to slum area on Diwali (Be a part of their happiness/to celebrate Diwali with them). With the help of Swapnvel foundation, it was possible. Swapnvel foundation team and we visited to few slum areas in our native place, Gadhinglaj, to understand their problem for child education. We got good guidance and help from our teachers too, as they have worked on ground level. We gathered all children on ground and discussed with them. All children were enthusiastic, talkative. (All were std 2 to std 8 grade). To create more interest for school, we thought art is the best media. We brought nice sketch books and distributed among them. Then we have given basic knowledge about colors, drawings and shown them how to use colors in better way. There was happiness/ excitement on their faces. We have arranged one small competition among them, and promised to give some kind of gifts for one who can color well. The competition is just to make use of these books and to create little seriousness about learning. Everyone has completed the book with nice colors and shown to respected teachers within short span of time. So every Diwali we have planned such kinds of activities, to give small motivation and one step ahead of interest towards schooling. Such kind of interesting activities, small gifts will be their Diwali gift, and their happiness will be our Diwali gift too.