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We are a young branding and design studio consisting of a group of enthusiastic designers bursting with creative and innovative ideas. We take pride in providing our clientele effective and intelligent design solutions that are quick, focused and creative.


We were asked to create a cover illustration for Creative GAGA Magazine, Sept- Oct issue which focuses on all aspects of creative branding. The theme for this edition was “REBRANDING.” We have developed the design for the cover considering the agency which goes through entire process of rebranding. It was about organisational change which can be studied

Travel, Explore and Appreciate. Discover what's beneath the surface. Travelling can expose you to new ideas and provide valuable learning experiences, how you choose to apply that learning is up to you. The skills you gained throughout your travelling adventures will be there to help you for the rest of your life. Sharing few experience from

What inspired you to become a designer? Tell us about your formal education in design. It’s always been my path. Throughout childhood my hobbies were drawing and creating artworks. During my high school years, I did a project of “Ekakshara”, which got very popular and I was drawn towards my career in art and design and

Cub Design Logo